Dr. Lijuan Fu, Ph.D.

Dr. Lijuan Fu

Assistant Research Professor


PhD in pharmacology (Peking University, Beijing China, 2009)


Cerebrovascular and meningeal lymphatic dysfunction in AD animal models

Areas of interest

Cardiovascular, lymphatics, GI


I once worked on the role of miRNAs on the regulation of human Foxp2 expression in the brains of songbirds, suggesting speech and language neural developmental disorders via the miRNA-FOXP2 regulatory network. Also, my efforts to characterizing the role of endogenous hepcidin in mediating brain Fpn1 expression and cellular iron homeostasis are clearly merited, offering new therapeutical strategies for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. So far, my research moved forward to the novel neurovascular and meningeal lymphatics project that logically builds on my prior works. We have identified several cerebrovascular miRNAs closely correlated with the neurovascular impairments of 3xTg-AD mice and found the potential efficacy of non-coding RNAs on the clearance of Aβ oligomers and cognition. Those research studies produced several peer-reviewed publications from my current and previous projects, such as Brain pathology, Mol Brain, J. Neurosci, Cell Mol Life Sci, and J Biol Inorg Chem.