Dr. Carlos Labarrere, MD.

Dr. Carlos A. Labarrere

Senior Scientist and Professor, Chief Scientific Officer
San Diego, CA

Degree(s) and Honors

MD, Instituto de Investigaciones Medicas “Alfredo Lanari”, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1975)
Fellow, American Heart Association, Council on Arteriosclerosis (USA, 1996).
Fellow, American College of Cardiology (USA, 1999).


Writing, reading, animated movies, gardening


Role of innate immunity in transplant atherosclerosis and in pregnancy-associated atherosclerosis (atherosis)


Dr Labarrere is studying the protective role of innate immunity in transplantation and pregnancy disorders, more specifically, evaluating the IgM response to damage-associated molecular patterns (phosphorylcholine, PC) upon trophoblast and endothelial apoptotic cells protecting against atherosclerosis by producing a polarized macrophage-mediated resolution of inflammation.

Dr Labarrere has a broad background in pathology and immunopathology. His career has been mainly dedicated to understanding the role of inflammation, coagulation and cell activation in the development of atherosclerosis-like lesions in pregnancy and transplantation. He developed his career within the CONICET in Argentina, the equivalent of the NIH in the US, following his graduation from medical school in the Instituto de Investigaciones Medicas “Alfredo Lanari”, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1975 and his residency in pathology in 1980, when he came to the US in 1987.

Dr Labarrere published in NEJM, LANCET, JAMA, CIRCULATION, BLOOD, AM J OBSTET GYNECOL, etc.). He joined 3DT (Drugs and Devices for Diagnostics and Therapeutics; an Institute dedicated to translational research) given Dr. Kassab’s interest in atherosclerosis and vascular biology and mechanics.